Voice Revolution – Voice Usage Trend In 2019

Voice Revolution – Voice Usage Trend In 2019

How frequently do you talk to your phone? A new study released by Stone Temple explains how, when and why people are utilising voice. Not only that, but the motif of the study is also to define that voice revolution is coming and how fast it’s coming.



Nowadays, people are doing the voice for nearly every requirement. The notable limitation of using voice in public has changed apparently. Though the highest usage is yet at home or office, people are practising voice in public places, theatres more than ever.



From the above chart, you can see, the voice is used to start communication like making a call, texting, as well as to get directions or play music than any other online activities including online voice search. More notably, 42% of men are likely to play music using voice commands compared to 27% of women. On the other hand, women are likely to text using voice than men at 46% to 33% margin; even women are inclined using voice for online searches more compared to men.



When we are discussing male and female preferences for voice usage, marital status makes a prominent influence. As you can see in the chart above, married people are 1.46 times more likely to apply voice in every situation for every requirement. If we consider gender breakout for the fact, more married males aged between 25 and 34 years, and earning more than $100,000 per annum, with post-college education, are more likely to use voice.



This chart will help you understand what people choose to perform searches online.


When people were given the choices including Use Voice Search, Type Question into Phone’s Search Window, Type Question into Search Engine Apps, Open a Mobile Browser and Ask a Friend Via Text or Messaging App to complete a search the top three choices were ranked and the other two unranked.


Though Voice Search ranked second after Mobile Browser, the same as in 2018, a big leap in the use of Voice as searching choice is prominent. Moreover, the ratio between the use of  Mobile Browser and Voice as search preferences has also reduced visibly.


Another interesting finding in the study was to identify the exact situations when people prefer to use voice command instead of using their hands. Look at the chart below –



“Hands full” is the most common situation when people choose to use Voice commands with 50% to 42% margin with “Driving,” which is the second most common condition.



The gender breakout is even more interesting while identifying the most common situation when people choose to use Voice commands.


Though men lead most of the categories, women are prone to use voice while driving in a 46% to 38% ratio with that of men.


Another relevant discovery made by the study included the most preferred characteristics of voice commands while using search engine app or personal assistant on a smartphone. The results are as follows:



This study and the discoveries prominently show how people are becoming habituated with voice usage with their devices.


With the growing use of the voice, the adoption for voice usage will mount, and it will become the presumptive interface. Following the rise of the personal assistants, Apple has confirmed that over 500 million devices use Siri, while Google indicates over 400 million users for Google Assistant.


But why we should care for these data?

This information is significant to discover how voice has set a revolution and has become mainstream.


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