Top 3 SEO Trends To Follow In 2019

Top 3 SEO Trends To Follow In 2019

Digital marketing and SEO professionals know it well that tomorrow’s trends are today’s preparation. It’s never too early to prepare for the upcoming trends in SEO. We can predict the 2019 SEO trends and plan SEO marketing strategy accordingly by following and understanding the past and present SEO developments.


Here in this blog, we have listed top 5 influential (as predicted) SEO trends to follow in the coming year. Keep on reading…


  1. Mobile First Indexing


Considering the latest development in Google’s activity to make the website more mobile-friendly and indicate user behaviour trends, mobile first indexing has become the major requisite for the websites. More than half of the searches begin from mobile phones. Thus it is reasonable to concentrate on mobile over the desktop site. In the last March, Google released the mobile-first indexing update which prioritises mobile experience over desktop user experience. So, you must optimise your website for mobile versions. You can achieve this goal by considering a few facts including page speed, mobile-friendly design, brief content.


  1. Embed Voice Search

Aren’t you well-accustomed with Siri, Alexa, and Cortana? You are, for sure. Since these names are introduced as voice assistants, these have become an invaluable part of our daily digital deeds. Collecting information has now become easier and commendable with the smart application of voice search. We are no more limited to typing on phones or tabs or desktop. Rather, the voice assistants are ready to answer our queries within nano-seconds.

But how does it connect with SEO? In case, creating a content for the audience using voice search is the key. This will involve integrated data, long-tail keywordsand a colloquial tone to reach the audience faster and answer the questions and queries better and easier.


  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is evolving the digital world at a fast pace, and it will continue the same next year as well. AI will change the way of traditional keyword research, listing, SEO and this will impact the rankings exceedingly. With the upcoming SEO trends to follow in 2019, rankings will estimate on private demographic data much higher than they do already. As the predictions going on, AI will become omnipresent in the digital world, and SEO professionals must master in automation and machine learning to withstand the trend.


Though AI feels futuristic, it is becoming essential every single day. As per the predictions, AI is going to provide more elaborated insights into website analytics, user behaviour, content involvement etc. AI is supposed to become a better choice at uncovering black-hat SEO techniques and yield the use of comprehensive, unique contents.

In Conclusion…

Forecasting Google’s algorithms and updates appear nearly impossible, still, it doesn’t restrict us from predicting 2019 SEO Trends. Considering the latest technological advancements and user trends, we can interpret how SEO is evolving and develop an SEO strategy that will push your business at the top of the curve. Stay tuned to see how these predictions run through the next year.

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