7 Ways To Skyrocket E-Commerce Mobile Conversion For Your Business

7 Ways To Skyrocket E-Commerce Mobile Conversion For Your Business

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At present we have the hold on the World Wide Web within our palm. Smartphones have become the predominant way of accessing the web. But the story is little different when it comes to converting the browsers into buyers for e-commerce sites. Mobile conversion is the ground where smartphones lose their dominance in the e-commerce sector.


Why is so?


Several analytical reports show the large gap between the share of time spend on both mobile and desktop and the share of e-commerce revenue earning on both platforms.

But why happens so? The reports also cite the top five factors that downplay the e-commerce mobile conversion. The reasons are:


  • Security Concern
  • Insufficient Product Detail
  • Difficult Navigation
  • Unavailability of Multiple Screen Browse/Compare
  • Difficult Details Input Process

How to bridge the gap?


Before you think of bridging the gap, you must understand the psychological tendency of your audience. Those who access the mobile site tends to be in rush and expected to have a clear goal for shopping. Thus, the mobile site design must focus on user-friendly visibility and navigation. Your mobile site must be designed in a way that is able to satisfy the visitors’ need.


Here in this blog, we have discussed the 7 things that you must consider for your e-commerce to skyrocket mobile conversion.


  1. Promote Trustiness


You have seen that Security Concern tops the list of the considering 5 factors for decreased mobile e-commerce conversion rate. So, you have to work in this area at first. Increasing your buyer’s trust and confidence is the first objective.


  • Include e-commerce trustmarks to indicate customer information are stored safely and the site is trustworthy.
  • Use cryptographic protocol or security protocol like SSL to display a lock sign in the address bar that indicates advanced encryption of the site.


  • Also reckon a partnership with highly trusted brands like Amazon, or PayPal to earn the confidence of your customers.


  1. Design User-friendly Buttons


Call to Action (CTA) buttons are essential for your website and more when it’s for the mobile responsive site. Consider proper colour, size, design and placement for the CTA button. A bigger, attractive and easy to find CTA button help your visitor to complete the final purchase step.


  1. Design User-friendly Form


The final checkout form is immensely important to increase the conversion rate through smartphone platform. Design your form more effectively considering these things –


  • Include Essential Fields Only
  • Design Full-width Fields
  • Clearly Label the Fields
  • Use Large, Legible & Professional Fonts
  • Indicate the Required Fields Properly
  • Set Immediate Response to Input Errors
  • Add a CTA Button at Immediate Next to the Form


  1. Speed Up Checkout Process


Who likes to input required information everytime they return to a particular e-commerce site? So, keep eyes on this part to ease the log-in and checkout processes for the returning users. Follow these things –


  • Single Click Sign In from Trusted Source
  • Auto-complete Options
  • Guest Checkout
  • Check box to Copy the Billing Address to Shipping Address
  • Payment through Trusted Payment Gateway


  1. Increase Speed


Do you love the slow sites and slow checkout while shopping online? So, how could your visitors? Do you know, this slow shopping experience is one of the major conversion killers for mobile e-commerce sites? Keep eyes on –


  • Maximizing The Checkout Process Speed
  • Include Only What’s Essential
  • Eliminate The Unnecessary Images
  • Avoid Stylized Fonts Or Fancy Design, Keep It Professional


  1. Make Editing Easy


If you allow the buyers to edit their order at checkout, make the process easier. The idea to give the shoppers the access to change their choices and save the changes without leaving the checkout page scores positive point for your mobile site.


  1. Click-To-Call Button


Putting a Click-to-Call button that allows the visitors to tap the button and make a phone call to the business is an obvious strategy for the e-commerce sites. This helps you produce business in ways beyond the online checkout.


Final Words


The ultimate goal is to make the ‘e’ in e-commerce stand for ‘EASY’. So, after going through this blog re-examine your mobile shopping site to identify the potential factors and make the required changes to higher your e-commerce mobile conversion rate.





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