5 Ways To Build A Strong Social Media Presence From The Scratch

5 Ways To Build A Strong Social Media Presence From The Scratch


As a brand, you may get overwhelmed with all of your social media users, channels, and different audiences. Everything you put together can be challenging if you have thousands of followers on each of the network. However, what about of the people who have lacs and millions of followers?


Most likely you probably at least follow one celebrity on Twitter, Instagram or on Facebook. Now more than ever, social media management has become a bigger value for those who want to make an impression also establish a strong social media presence.


It’s All About Your Social Media Brand


Since the aim of branding is to shape the way you are perceived by your audience, it is important that you promote a consistent message. If your message lacks consistency, your audience will not know what to think and eventually end up with a brand image that is non-existent and weak.


Consistency goes beyond a brand’s logo’s colours. Consistency should reflect in your beliefs and thoughts as well as in your promotions and the way you ‘present and act’ online. It’s a part and parcel of your branding effort and what you do, reflects highly on your brand as well. For example, if you were in Temple or Church you probably wouldn’t be promoting smoking or drinking.


While your personal brand specifications may vary, by now you may know that the key to achieving business success is how you build yourself on social media platforms, a strong media presence within your industry. Most consumers approach and prefer to work with an expert which puts you on position to charge higher prices than your competitors. Hence, it’s all about how you reflect your status. From appearances to events to your social media, positioning yourself as an expert must be your primary goal.


Tips To Strengthen Your Social Media Presence


In this article, I will be sharing some specific ideas so that you can focus on to start evaluating your social media efforts – specifically, how you can utilize your social media presence to establish yourself, and of course, your brand too, as the go-to-guru within your industry.


  1. Tweet Analysis Of Breaking News


Twitter is known to be a great source for breaking news – but with a good reason. While keeping your audiences updated regarding a piece of breaking news, take a step ahead and post links to developing a story in your industry along with your own analysis. For example, as an attorney, don’t just post or share a new law making, but take time to tell your audiences what does the new amendment means for them.


  1. Share Pictures Of Yourself ‘In Action’ On Social Media


If you take a look into my social media profiles, you’ll see me posting pictures either of me and my partners working with new clients in various locations, exploring new eating joints or at the events. Not only it is fun to let people know what are you up to, but posting these pictures reminds my audiences that I am a hard worker and know in depth about various industry whereabouts.


  1. Share Your Blog Entries Across Social Media Platform


Hopefully, by now, you know you have to be consistent with publishing Blog articles and entries. If not, it time to get on with it. In addition to sharing your content, take out time to post them on your social media profiles. It is a great way to drive your traffic to your website, and also a reminder to your readers that you’re an expert in your industry.


  1. Answer Your Followers And Connections Questions


One of the best things about social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook is the ability these platforms provide to interact with your audiences. Paying attention to your audiences conversation which is taking place around will come with a notice that they are looking for advice or asking questions. When you see such opportunity, chime in! Not only it will help in building a strong connection but also by doing so it will demonstrate your expertise to others.


  1. Share Actionable Tips


Sharing tips and tricks with your audiences is a great way of building a strong online presence. But also giving them easy, actionable tips are even better. Whether you are a lawyer or a real estate broker, sharing tips for adding value to their business, or how to deal with clients, supplying with actionable tips demonstrate your knowledge convincingly.


In Conclusion….


At the end of the day, your social media goal should be providing value to your readers.


If your goals are not set, it is about time to set them in tune. What good are your thousands of followers if none of them is not paying attention? Look for opportunities – by keeping them up to date, sharing tips in regarding advancements in your industry. By doing so, it will help in keeping your audiences engaged, and when you start to incorporate these branding tips, you’ll be able to stand as an expert in your industry!

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