5 Tips to Pinterest SEO 2019: How To Optimize For Marketing

5 Tips to Pinterest SEO 2019: How To Optimize For Marketing




If you are new to Pinterest, then be sure it will be one of your favourite platforms. It is not about socially connecting with others, (leave that to Instagram for that!), but it’s all about purpose and planning. Pinterest allows users to drive more inquiries and traffic to their website on auto-pilot mode, even when one is on vacation, tending household needs or sleeping.


It is remarkably one of the highest social traffic drivers for any business account or bloggers.


In other words: it is a powerhouse. And if any of your pins go accidentally viral with no reason, you can drive endless traffic to your site. Just with the power of knowing how to Optimize Pinterest SEO in 2019!

The Cardinal Pinterest Rule


Above everything else, Pinterest is a search engine. Once you interpret and start to treat it as a search engine, you’ll see significant results.


Wondering how to do that?


Simple. SEO.


If you are in online or marketing business space, you’ll probably know or be vaguely familiar with SEO. The short form for Search Engine Optimization, it strategically creates contents which will perform well on the search engine platforms.


Little do utmost people know, implementing and optimizing SEO for pins can help in better performance on its internal search engine. Whatever may the reason be, Pinterest is a powerful traffic-generating tool.


In this blog, we have shown 5 ways to optimize your marketing on Pinterest. So, let’s get started!


TIP 1: Convert Your profile into a Business Profile


TIP 2: Add & Confirm your website Domain to your profile


TIP 3: Add your social media accounts with your Pinterest Profile


TIP 4: Add SEO keywords & descriptions to Pins


TIP 5: Create SEO Content & pin consistently on Pinterest


Once you start using Pinterest and understand how it works, you’ll realize how vital it is to stay consistent on a daily basis. You have to pin regularly, create share-worthy graphics and contents to get people to visit your website. Primarily it will be tough, but once you get a grip on it, about 20% of your web-traffic will come from Pinterest.


Keyword Is The Key To Success


Up unto now, we’ve looked into how to improve and increase Pinterest post authority. But even if it gets all the views as a potential rich-content, it won’t be still showing your pins to other audiences unless Pinterest thinks it is related to other users.


Your pin relevancy is decided by how closely they fit into users overall searches, recent search history, and interests. If you are familiar with SEO practices, you’ll surely be aware that search engines consider your content to be relevant only when the keywords are linked to the topic. Just like Google, a Pinterest algorithm is also influenced by keywords.


Consistency Is Key


In conclusion, like other search engines, Pinterest will gradually promote accounts which are actively pinning rich-content. It’s not easy to optimize and go through all your content, instead create a habit of pinning optimized post regularly.


When you are spending your time on Pinterest, it is necessary to keep in mind that it is not a marathon. It can be disheartening to optimize your post without seeing any remarkable results, but just know it takes momentum to build your content. One of its greatest advantages is that you can pin something today, and it will continue to advance traffic for weeks, months, and years!



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