5 Best Tips To Generate Potential Leads From Facebook Ad Campaign

5 Best Tips To Generate Potential Leads From Facebook Ad Campaign

There are several optimization techniques for an ad which can help in making most out of your investment in PPC. When and if done right, they can achieve great results from your Facebook advertising campaigns.


Whether your brand has one or 1,000 locations, optimizing your Facebook ads for the local customers can rapidly help in generating more revenue and conversions rate. Facebook ads and paid search have been dominating the digital field as advertisers demand more granularity in capabilities of targeting to reach the potential customers.


More customers use local information ads and keeping these in mind, every brand must create, plan, run and optimize ad campaigns at every possible point to make easy for the consumers to reach out.


But the main questions remain as:


How to plan Facebook ad campaign?

How to do Facebook ad campaign?

How to run Facebook ad campaign?

Here I’ve put together 5 best strategies for helping you to drive more consumers from your Facebook Ads.


  1. Target Audiences Based on Their Location

Targeting location is helpful in reaching out to audiences within your area.

Both Facebook Ads and Google AdWords allows the advertisers to target audiences by state, country, city or ZIP Code.

Using data which are readily available is beneficial in determining the customer’s location.


  1. Create Location-Specific Ad Content

Writing a location relevant copy of ad can encourage customers to call you. According to Google, five in six consumers wants their ads customized to their ZIP code, or city or to an immediate service area.

You should make sure always that your language in ads speak of the location you are intended to target.


  1. Schedule Your Ads During Open Business Hours

A recent study has found that one in every five calls that are driven by paid search nearly goes to voicemail. This shows lost oppurtunities to engage and concert your callers into potential customers.

To prevent wasting money spend on the ad, you may create a plan to use ad by scheduling it to only show up when business is open. Ideally, one should run ads during their normal business hours and only when someone is available to answer any call.


  1. Test Different Facebook Campaign Objectives

Facebook enables brands to choose their marketing objective, i.e., consideration, awareness or conversion when creating and setting up the campaign. Try to incorporate and run different Facebook ad campaign applied to your strategy to obtain maximum results.

You can also use various call-to-action strategy buttons in your ad such as:


Shop Now.

Sign Up.

Book Now.


Learn More.

Call Now.


  1. Utilize Call Extensions & Call-Only Ads


Inbound calls happen to be a valuable conversion which shouldn’t be ignored. Make sure to insert your phone number in your ads to encourage more engagement with an audience to connect with.


Click to call feature is now used widely by consumers across all platforms. Google found that nearly 70 percent of searchers have called in a business from mobile directly through the search results using this feature.


Alternatively, you can use this call feature in your ads if you prefer calls and not clicks.


Hope you get some benefits from this tips and helps in making a name for the brand in social media soon!

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